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Physiotherapy For Women’s Health

Physiotherapy For Women’s Health

Women's bodies undergo significant changes throughout their lifetime, especially during pregnancy, after delivery, and many health conditions are specific to women. Physiotherapy can play a particularly important role in women's health.

Physiotherapy can reduce women's incontinence, pelvic / vaginal pain, prenatal and postnatal musculoskeletal pain, osteoporosis problems. KR Physiotherapist recognizes issues related to women's health and the importance of providing a private, prudent and calm environment We are empowered to provide the best Physiotherapy for women's health in Noida. In which women can take advice and treatment.

Our physiotherapists help women:

  • Relieving lower back
  • Pelvic and hip pain during and after pregnancy
  • Strengthening core
  • Activating pelvic floor
  • Reducing lymphatic swelling
  • Controlling urinary incontinence