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Welcome to KR Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic (Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy at Home, Physiotherapy Clinic in Noida)

Physiotherapy is more popularly known as medical therapy which helps a patient in the rehabilitation of various types of diseases and disabilities.

Physiotherapists have a better understanding of how the body works Physiotherapist helps the patient to recover from pain, injury, paralysis, ligament injury, neurological. Physiotherapists can cure both chronic pain and acute problems by treating patients.

KR Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic provides the best physiotherapy service in Noida. Our physiotherapist are highly qualified Physiotherapist. KR Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic focuses on maintaining health for people of all ages, helping patients manage pain and prevent disease.

This treatment is very effective but only if the practicing physiotherapist has proper experience of doing it. The therapist must know how to go for it.

A physiotherapist knows very well how our body part works. If the body part does not work, then they know how to do the treatment. Nowadays, A physiotherapist should have knowledge and experience. So Physiotherapist can do proper assessment and treatment.

Dr. Neelam Sharma and her team work towards the welfare of patients suffering from orthopedic problems, cardiovascular and pulmonary issues, sports injuries, neurological problems, Women's health issues, geriatric issues, sports injuries etc.

In our country where most people are suffering from arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases, we have a ray of hope like physiotherapy. Our effort is that we can treat patients without surgery. It acts like a therapeutic drug, which is cheaper and more beneficial than other drugs.

The best thing about physiotherapy is that it does not have any side effects on the patient. If a loved one in your home is suffering from a disease that is causing problems in their life, then you have to contact the best physiotherapist in Noida. Kr Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Clinic.

KR Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic aims to optimize for the work and well-being of the patient, so that the patient can be integrated into their chosen lifestyle activities, whether at home, work or leisure.

What We Do

Our patients deserve the absolute best in assessment, diagnosis and treatment. A major part of our treatment focus is to provide you with real, easy to understand explanations of your problems and a treatment plan that leads to full recovery.

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  • Latest & Advance Physiotherapy Equipments.
  • Advance Manual Therapy.
  • Free Parking is available,
  • The Clinic is located near the Sector-34 Metro station
  • We’ve ATM in our building and there is also syndicate bank in same building
  • On call therapist available for home visit only in special medical cases

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