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Physiotherapy for Neck Pain in Noida and Nearby Area

Neck Pain

Physiotherapy is most effective treatment in neck pain. Physiotherapy will help you to eliminate pain and you can live your life without pain or discomfort. Our physiotherapists will assess to discover the cause of neck pain. It can be because of poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, any injury to the neck or age related changes.

Common question that you ask to your physical therapist:

What is neck pain?
Neck pain is always feels behind your head that is called cervical spine and surrounding area. It can be combine with headache, dizziness and vertigo and sometimes pain is radiating down to the arm with or without tingling sesation.

What are the symptoms of the neck pain?
You can feel heaviness and pain in cervical spine and arm, dizziness, headache, soreness, mild swelling ard the neck area.

How can physiotherapy help in neck pain?
Our physiotherapist strength your neck and shoulder muscles so pain will reduce which can caused by overstress. Mobilisation, chiropractic, dry needling, electrotherapy like us swd tens are also play important role to treat the neck pain.

What happens if neck pain is left untreated?
If neck pain is untreated it will lead to secondary problems like dizziness, headache, pain will radiate down to the arm and decrese ability to move head.

Is Neck pain is serious problem?
Yes! It is serious problem if pain will not go in few days. You should consult a good physiotherapist.

Causes of neck pain:

Many health problems and injuries can cause neck pain:
1. Degeneration:- with the age degeneration of the cervical spine can lead to neck pain.
2. Injury:- any trauma to neck such as whiplash injury can cause neck pain
3. Poor Posture:- spinal muscle can affect by poor posture like sitting for long peroid of time, overuse of mobile and computer.
4. Over Weight- being overweight back muscle will get overstress that can cause neck pain.
In KR physiotherapy clinic our team will assess you and rule out the possible cause of neck pain. Our physiotherapists will plan your treatment accodingly.


Q.Does physiotherapy work for neck pain?
Ans - Physiotherapy is most effective to treat chronic neck pain. Physiotherapy will help to reduce pain, swelling, muscle spasm and improve strength of the neck muscle.

Q.How do you do neck physiotherapy?
Ans - First our physiotherapists will assess you to know the exact cause of neck pain then by working on weak muscle and stiff joint you will get relief.

Q.Will neck pain ever go away?
Ans - Yes! Your neck will go permanently by physiotherapy and you have to follow dos and don’ts for neck pain instructed by physiotherapist.

Q.How do you loosen tight neck muscles?
Ans - By using of heat and cold and other electrotherapy modalities on tight muscle can give immediate relief. Mobilisation and manipulation will also help to reduce muscle stiffness.

Q.What is the best treatment for neck and shoulder pain?
Ans - Neck and shoulder pain can be treated with monotherapy or combination of heat and cold, tens, stretching and strengthening exercise.

Q.How do you heal a sore neck fast?
Ans - Gentle massage will help to reduce tension in the muscle. By applying head and cold to the affected area will also help to reduce soreness in the muscle.

Q.Can you feel worse after physio?
Ans - When we give manual therapy on the affected area yoy may feel some soreness on that particular area but that will temporary so you don’t have to worry about that.

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