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Back Pain

Vital Role Played By Physiotherapy

The pandemic has challenged all aspects of our profession, in hospitals, rehab settings, private clinics and in the community. As we have progressed towards the new normal of pandemic life, here we will see the essential role of physiotherapy and its future.

Physiotherapists in sector 53 Noida assesses, diagnose and treat conditions that are might there from the time of birth or acquired. Physiotherapists assess the movement and function and work together with the clients and other health professionals to optimize functional outcomes.

Essential Services

Pandemic was a year where healthcare workers were on the front lines to fight against the virus. Physiotherapists were asked to provide essential care to those patients who require emergency services.

At K R Physiotherapy and other clinics, physiotherapists used personal protective equipment to provide physiotherapy to clients who would physically decline without these services. Therapists were also deployed in hospitals and have changed areas of practices to best serve areas that are in need.

For all of us the life has changed both personally and professionally. Best physiotherapy clinics in Noida sector 53 workers volunteered to go to long term care homes and support personal support workers in vulnerable long term care facilities; from those who have dust off and relearn more about technology and virtual rehab to those that have redefined what teamwork truly means; and to those that have expanded their role of what profession offers.

Physiotherapy Helps Lives

At KR Physiotherapy, we continue to provide care to our existing clients and accept new clients’ everyday while attentively following public health and colleague guidelines. We have successfully implemented secure rehabilitation programs and determine our approach to manage new client assessments on an individual basis.

We always work towards opening new branches for our clients according to the public health guidelines in the near future; we continue our commitment to provide the best quality care to all our clients. Our provided physiotherapy services are an integral part of the health care system and can help restore and maintain an individual’s mobility, function and well being. The health and welfare of our clients continue to be the number one commitment for our doctor for physiotherapy in sector-53 Noida. You can contact us to see how we can best serve and meet priorities and needs during this challenging time.