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Best Physiotherapy for Back Pain in Noida and Nearby Area

Back Pain

Back pain is most common problem nowdays. Research suggests that 80% of population is likely suffering from lower back pain. Common cause is sedentary lifestyle. Pain can be originate from muscle, ligament, nerve depend on underlying cause. KR physiotherapy team follow all the manual therapies including mobilisation, chiropratic, dry needling and provide treatment by physio modalities as neeeded.

Back pain with sciatica

Sciatic nerve compression due to disc bulge or disc herniation you can experience pain from the buttock to foot along with numbness, weaness of lower body or burning sensation.

Physiotherapy is best line of treatment for sciatica pain. KR Physiotherapy clinic uses chiropractic, cupping therapy and maunal therapy to relieve pain.

Back pain due to bad posture

Prolonged sitting, lifting weight in wrong posture,lying on bad mattress can put stress on back mucsle, ligament can cause back pain.

A Common reason for your back pain sitting in hunched or slouched position while working for long periods of time. Guiding you about correct posture at your work space and for your daily activity to avoid and cure your back pain. Don’t worry about your back pain. Our team assess the underlying cause and treating them accodingly.

Back pain due to pregnancy

Suffering from back pain after giving birth? Hormones during pregnancy that weakens the muscle and ligaments, bumb that supported by abdominal and back muscles can cause stress to muscle and surrounding structures, carrying baby are the commom reasons for post-partum back pain.

In KR physiotherapy clinic our female physiotherapist will give you best treatment.

Back pain due to Arthritis

Inflammation of one or two joints of back bone can lead to back pain. It can occur due to osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis.

Physiotherapy treatment may include ultrasound, tens, ift and manual treatment all the modalities are avialable in KR physiotherapy clinic.

We are using both single line of treatment or combination of treatment based on rehabilitation program.


Q.Can physiotherapists help with back pain?
Ans - Yes physiotherapists can manage back pain with best treatment plan. We do assessment to know the cause of back pain and we will plan treatment plan accordingly.

Q. What is the best doctor to see for back pain?
Ans - If you have back pain you can directly consult to good physiotherapist and get the best physiotherapist at the centre or nursing homes.

Q.Can back pain lead to any complications?
Ans - Yes untreated back pain lead to complications like sciatica, disability and other psychological disorder like depression, insomnia.

Q.Is dry needling useful in the treatment of back pain?
Ans - Dry needling is effective in back pain to reduce muscle spasm and increase blood flow to promote the healing.

Q.Is cupping therapy useful in treating back pain?
Ans - Doing cupping therapy is really good for back pain from trained therapist. It is very safe therapy to reduce back pain faster.

Q.Is sciatica same as back pain?
Ans - Back pain and sciatica is not the same. Back pain is olways feels at spine area but sciatica pain goes to down to the leg and foot beacause pressing of nerve roots of sciatica as in disc prolapse.

Q.Are there different treatment options for upper and lower back pain?
Ans - Yes! Manual techaniques are different for upper and lower back pain.

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